rpmrebuild contribution

There is many ways to contribute to rpmrebuild project, even if you are not a developper :

bug report

If you find a bug, or if rpmrebuild does not work as expected, ask for support

feature request

If you need some new feature, ask the support, we are waiting for new idea.


Coming with release 2.2.x, rpmrebuild now support message translation. English and French are provided by the developement team, but you can add your own translations : there is just one file to translate ( the french is for example /usr/lib/rpmrebuild/locale/fr/rpmrebuild.lang, a german should be /usr/lib/rpmrebuild/locale/de/rpmrebuild.lang) . If you wrote some translation, send us your file, it will be integrated in next release.


If you have written your own plugins, send us your code, so it can be shared with other users.
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