rpmrebuild's install

As rpmrebuild is designed to work with rpm, it is packaged in rpm format.

which file to choose

check packages

all the rpm packages are signed with my gpg key, so you should verify the downloaded files with :

how to install

It is coded in shell script, so it does not depends from an os architecture or libraries

if you are using rpm version 4

It should install anywhere with the following command : rpm -Uvh rpmrebuild-{version}.noarch.rpm

if you are using rpm version 3

You will have to build your rpm package, with the command : rpm -tb rpmrebuild-{version}.tgz, then install the package with rpm -Uvh rpmrebuild-{version}.noarch.rpm

what if dependencies problem occurs

you can build a package for your own distribution, using one of the following method :
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