rpmrebuild todo

remaining problems

package signing (gpg or pgp)

Do not know how to do this : I have not the private key, which is necessary to sign the package.

globbing characters in file list

rpmrebuild can not build packages if the file list contains globbing character (such as *). This seems to be a bug in rpm.

compatibility queries

You can see description in /usr/doc/share/rpm-4.0.3/tsort
Here we have two problems:

known "bad" packages

rpmrebuild has been tested on Redhat 6.2 (803 packages), 7.1 (581 packages) 7.3 (714 packages), 9.0 (1396 packages)
we had problems with :

a graphical interface

If we had time, we have the idea to offer in another package a portable graphical interface (to be wrotten in an interpreted language).

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