rpmrebuild's use

just rebuild an rpm package from an installed package

you do not find the rpm file ?
just type rpmrebuild package_name

changes in a file

you have changed a configuration file to match your needs, and want to distribute your changes ?
yo will use the same command : rpmrebuild package_name, because rpmrebuild build the package from the installed files.

add a file

want to add a file to a package ?
you need to know the specfile syntaxe ( read the RPM-HOWTO, or go to rpm.org).
Put the file on the wanted directory.
you will use rpmrebuild -e package_name. rpmrebuild will open the specfile in your favorite editor and allow you to add the wanted file in the "%files" section.

more documentation

you can have a look at rpmrebuild man page (EXAMPLES section)
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